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who we are

Bamdad Dairy isn’t just a brand; it’s a family.

Tradition and innovation hand in hand. We honor the time-tested methods passed down through generations, crafting dairy products with the same care and passion as our ancestors. Yet, we embrace modern advancements, ensuring quality, hygiene, and sustainability for the future.

Community matters. We believe in supporting the hardworking farmers who form the backbone of our industry. By sourcing our milk directly from local farms, we empower families, and contribute to a thriving rural economy.

More than just delicious. More than just delicious. We pour our hearts into producing nutritious dairy products that fuel your well-being. From creamy yoghurts bursting with essential proteins to refreshing Dough with a delightful mint twist, every bite nourishes your body.

Join our journey. By choosing Bamdad Dairy, you’re not just buying a product; you’re becoming part of our family. You’re supporting local communities, savoring authentic flavors, and
contributing to a brighter future for Afghanistan.

Together, let’s nourish our families, empower our communities, and celebrate the taste of tradition.